Trend Micro Browser Guard 2011 3.0.1009 for Windows 10


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Trend Micro Browser Guard is a plugin for your web browser (compatible with Internet Explorer), which protects your computer against various dangerous threats from the Internet. The program is blocking the script in Web pages and detects and removes any security holes. Program by using advanced heuristics technology protects and secures your computer against various threats Zero-day. Trend Micro Browser Guard is lightweight and very fast and keep all security updates. The plugin is free and works with 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems. Trend Micro Browser Guard offers, among other things: - the effective protection of the operating system - full compatibility with a web browser - detects Trojans in web networks - Detects and removes any threat of zero-day (Aurora, Hydraq) - block access before various Internet threats - analyzes and protects against malicious JavaScript code - ties in connection with the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to increase the effectiveness of threat detection.